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Call Of The Night Chapter 198 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap & Updates

“Call Of The Night” is a captivating Japanese manga series, and I appreciate you coming back for updates. In Chapter 198, we delve into the friendship between Kou and Anko as they embark on a date to discuss Nazuna. The chapter explores how nighttime walks aid Kou in dealing with his sleeping disorder.

For all you avid fans of this incredible vampire series, stay tuned! We’ve got the latest scoop on Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 198, including the release date, spoilers, a recap of Chapter 196, where you can read it, and even a few thoughts on Anime vs. Manga!

Call Of The Night Chapter 198 Release Date

“Call Of The Night” has garnered a solid fan base, and the excitement continues with the upcoming release of Chapter 198.

For those eagerly anticipating it, Call of the Night Chapter 198 is scheduled for release on Jan 3, 2023. Fans worldwide can dive into the latest chapter based on their respective time zones. The countdown to the next thrilling installment begins!

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Call Of The Night Chapter 198 Spoiler

Bummer alert! Looks like the tea on Call of the Night Chapter 198 is under wraps for now. The producers are keeping us on the edge, yet to drop the release date and the juicy details.

Hold tight, as Chapter 197 is on its way!  But, alas, the suspense around Chapter 198 remains intact. Time to practice patience, fellow fans – the next installment is shrouded in mystery for now!

Call Of The Night Chapter 198 release date

Call Of The Night Chapter 197 Recap

Nazuna’s Choice: Chapter 196 left us hanging with Nazuna facing a crucial decision – whether to accept Kuro’s bite or not. Chapter 197 is expected to unravel her internal struggle, shedding light on her fears, aspirations, and the potential outcomes of her choice.

Kuro’s Motivation: Kuro’s perspective has been relatively unexplored lately. In Chapter 197, we might gain insights into his motivations for offering Nazuna the bite, his sentiments towards her, and his aspirations for the future.

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A Turning Point: Regardless of Nazuna’s decision, Chapter 197 is poised to be a turning point in their relationship. It could deepen their connection, lead to a painful separation, or introduce an unexpected twist that steers the story in a new direction.

The World Beyond: Call of the Night often teases the broader vampire world. Chapter 197 might introduce characters from different vampire clans, delve into the societal rules and hierarchies among vampires, or unveil an unseen threat from the outside.

A Flashback or Dream Sequence: To provide context to the present events, Call of the Night occasionally takes us back in time. Chapter 197 could feature a flashback to Nazuna or Kuro’s past, unveiling pivotal moments that have shaped their current choices.

Where to Read Call Of The Night Chapter 198?

For manga enthusiasts out there, it’s always a good idea to support your favorite series through official and legal sources. This ensures that the hardworking artists get the credit they deserve for their dedication and creativity.

If you’re eager to catch up on the latest happenings in Call of the Night, the manga series, you’re in luck! You can find the newest chapters on VIZ, an official Shonen Jump platform straight from Japan. So, dive into the captivating world of Call of the Night and enjoy the story from the authentic source. Happy reading!

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Our Review

Great news for all manga fans! Get ready for the next installment as we eagerly anticipate the upcoming chapter of Call of the Night. We can’t wait to see where Kou and Nazuna’s journey takes them in this latest release!

The manga promises to keep us entertained and engrossed with its unique and refreshing approach to the often-overused vampire themes. There’s so much more in store for us with each new chapter, so brace yourself for exciting updates! Stay tuned and keep the excitement alive!

Associated Names

Appel de la nuit 198
Call of the Night 198
Chanson des marcheurs nocturnes 198
El Canto de la Noche 198
Night Owl Song 198
O Canto da Noite 198
Senandung Tengah Malam 198
Song of the Night Walkers 198
Zew nocy (Polish) 198
Зов ночи 198
Песнь ночных сов 198
Песня ночных бродяг 198
Поклик Ночі 198
نداء الليل 198
ندای شب 198
रात को कल 198
เพลงรักมนุษย์ค้างคาว 198
よふかしのうた 198
夜曲 198
彻夜之歌 198
徹夜之歌 198
철야의 노래 198

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