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Lookism Chapter 478 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap & Updates

Alright, so in the last chapter, things got seriously wild! Jinyoung, our main guy, gets approached by this mysterious character who spills the beans on his super-secret double-life situation. It turns out Jinyoung’s been hiding the fact that he’s got two bodies! Cue the shock and awe.

Now, this shadowy figure is all like, “Hey, wanna spill the tea to the world?” And Jinyoung’s stuck at a crossroads – spill the beans or keep it on the down-low? The mystery person’s got a beef with the big shot Charles Choi and introduces Jinyoung to Daniel and his mom, making the whole situation even crazier.

As the argument heats up, Mr. Jinyoung freaks out with a panic attack, sending everyone into a worried frenzy. Enter Sera Shin, the hero of the day, offering help and suggesting Jinyoung join either the Allied Job Center or the White Tiger Job Center.

Lookism Chapter 478 Spoiler

Hyung-seok and the crew are living the high life with that private plane and swanky hotel – talk about luxury!

But it’s not all about the bougie lifestyle; they’re pumped to explore Japan’s hotspots like Tokyo Tower, Shibuya Crossing, and the Harajuku markets. And let’s not forget, they’re all about that Japanese goodness – karaoke sessions, ramen feasts, you name it.

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In the Land of the Rising Sun, our squad rubs shoulders with some heavy hitters – think a famous idol group, a big-shot manga artist, a yakuza boss, and a sneaky hacker. Surprisingly, all these VIPs are Team Daniel’s dad, offering help and showing mad love.

But it ain’t all smooth sailing. Hyung-seok and his gang run into trouble – a gang trying to snatch their stuff, a rival idol group trying to mess them up, and a sneaky foe trying to spill their secrets by hacking their phones.

Lucky for them, they’ve got skills, guts, and teamwork on their side, so they manage to tackle these hurdles head-on. It’s a wild ride in Japan, and our crew is taking it all in stride!

Lookism Chapter 478 Release Date

Lookism is seriously hitting the spot with fans, drawing in a massive following as we dive into the later chapters.

For the newbies trying to catch up, it’s a rollercoaster, and for the OG fans, it’s just pure joy flipping through the pages.

Now, everyone’s itching for the latest chapter – the burning question is, when’s it gonna drop? Good news though, folks! The schedule’s on point, and Chapter [insert number] hit the shelves right on time, on December 15, 2023. Time to dive in!

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Lookism Chapter 478 Release Date

Lookism Chapter 477 Recap

Alright, so Lookism Chapter 477 is like diving into a world of secret alliances and hidden truths. Our main dude, Jinyoung, gets hit with a bomb when this mysterious character shows up, knowing all about his secrets.

As Jinyoung spills the beans about having two bodies, the tension kicks in. It turns out someone else already knows this major secret, and they’re not playing nice. Mr. Jinyoung, aka Charles Choi, is in deep trouble, with this mysterious figure looking ready to spill the beans.

The whole Daniel and Daniel’s mom connection adds another layer of complexity to the story. Sera Shin steps in when Mr. Jinyoung starts having a panic attack, offering support and throwing options like joining the Allied forces or the White Tiger Job Center.

It’s revealed that Charles Choi and the Allied have some kind of connection, making things even murkier. Jinyoung decides to team up with Eugene to take down Charles Choi, stressing the need for unity against this powerful foe.

As the chapter wraps up, Jinyoung and Eugene make plans, setting the stage for what’s coming next. Secrets, alliances, and the mission to bring down a big shot – Lookism Chapter 477 keeps the plot simple yet intricate, leaving readers hooked and eager to find out what happens next.

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Where To Read Lookism

Backing up the creators is a must – for all you anime and manga enthusiasts out there, sticking to the official sites is key.

Getting a subscription opens up a world of manga and manhwa goodness, plus some extra freebies you might miss on those shady sites.

If you’re looking for an easy and enjoyable experience, the ‘Webtoons app’ has got you covered, and the official site ‘Naver’ does the trick too. Let’s keep the support legit and the manga world thriving!


Get ready for the final showdown in Lookism Chapter 478! Hudson Ahn’s got some serious challenges on his plate in this nail-biting episode, and it’s said to wrap up the whole story with a bang.

Dive into this chapter that’s loaded with surprises and plot twists. Lookism’s been winning hearts with its gripping storyline and characters that you can’t help but root for. The plot twists are keeping fans on the edge of their seats – it’s a wild ride that’ll leave you craving more!

Associated Names

Apari3ncias 478
Görünüşçülük 478
Дискриминация по внешности 478
Лукизм 478
ลุกคิซึม 478
外見至上主義 478
外貌至上主義 478
看脸时代 478
看臉時代 478
외모지상주의 478
Lookism 478

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