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Lookism Chapter 479 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date & Updates

So, there’s this dude named Daniel, right? Poor guy’s getting bullied at school, and everyone’s just watching, relieved it’s not them in his shoes. Logan’s the jerk giving him a hard time, beating him up, and making him do all sorts of weird stuff. Now, Daniel’s had enough and wants to level up, get some confidence to stand up to Logan.

The worst part? It’s not just the public humiliation; it’s that he’s actually grateful for any tiny bit of sympathy. The only place he can let out his anger is at home, but even there, things are messed up. At least he’s strong in front of his mom, but it still feels like garbage afterwards. This whole messed-up situation is becoming the new normal at his place.

School’s a nightmare, and the only relief is catching a glimpse of his mom getting mad for the first time after a crowd of onlookers. Wanna know how Daniel’s life changes now that his mom knows what he’s going through? Stick around!

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