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Lookism Chapter 483 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date & Updates

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Last time in chapter 482, things went bonkers as Park Hyung-seok, the handsome dude, got shanked by a mystery attacker. Plot twist: it’s none other than his ex-buddy Lee Jin-sung. Turns out, the Four Heavenly Kings, a bunch of hardcore gangsters, brainwashed Jin-sung to get their hands on Hyung-seok’s bod for their shady plans.

Now, in chapter 483, it’s aftermath city. Hyung-seok’s bleeding out on the floor, and Jin-sung, also banged up, tries to make a run for it. But nope, Hyung-seok’s squad shows up, and they’re beyond ticked off at Jin-sung’s backstabbing move. They’re all like, “Bro, what’s the deal?”

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Jin-sung spills the beans – he was basically forced to stab Hyung-seok by the Four Heavenly Kings. They threatened to wipe out him and his fam if he didn’t play along. Plus, they juiced him up with some crazy drug that messed with his head. Dude’s practically begging for forgiveness, swearing he didn’t want to harm Hyung-seok, who’s his only real bud. Talk about a wild ride!

Lookism Chapter 483 Spoiler

Alright, so here’s the lowdown on what went down with Hyung Suk and the crew:

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Hyung Suk and his buddies got jumped by some masked thugs, turns out they’re part of the Burn Knuckles gang. The big boss, Choi Seung Chul, spilled the beans that he ordered the hit to avenge his bro, Choi Seung Hoon, who used to lead the gang and gave Hyung Suk his second body.

Now, Hyung Suk’s trying to reason with Seung Chul, saying he didn’t off Seung Hoon, but the dude’s not buying it. Orders were to wipe them out, and it’s all-out chaos. They throw down, but the gang’s got the upper hand. Seung Chul even stabs Hyung Suk and is about to finish the job.

Then, plot twist! Seung Hoon, who was supposedly dead, shows up out of nowhere. Dude tells Seung Chul to chill and spills the beans that he orchestrated the body switch to help Hyung Suk escape his messed-up life. Turns out, he faked his death, went off the grid, and was living the low-key life.

Seung Chul’s mind is blown and he’s furious at his bro for betraying the gang. They brawl, but Seung Hoon owns him with a punch, apologizes to Hyung Suk, and thanks him for babysitting his body. He wants to give it back ’cause he thinks he doesn’t deserve it anymore. Emotional stuff, right?

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Just when you think it’s all good, more masked folks show up. These guys are from the Black Label, some secret experiment group into body-switching. They’ve been hunting Seung Hoon and Hyung Suk, and now they’re caught in the crosshairs. The chapter leaves us hanging with our boys captured, and their friends clueless about what just went down. Cliffhanger city!

Lookism Chapter 483: Ngày phát hành & Spoiler | OtakuGO

Lookism Chapter 483 Release Date

Hey, guess what? Lookism Chapter 483 is dropping this week on January 11, 2024! No more waiting – the hype is real!

Lookism Chapter 482 Recap

So, check this out: Daniel’s body gets swapped overnight, and bam! Say goodbye to the chubby frame, and hello to a tall, stunning, and basically flawless one.

Now, Daniel’s navigating through a world where everyone’s all about appearances. He scores modeling gigs, gets all the attention from the ladies, and even has his old bullies looking up to him.

But, it’s not all glitz and glam. He notices how society treats the less conventionally attractive folks, and it hits him that personality alone can’t always break those beauty barriers.

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Lookism dives deep into the minds of its characters, shining a light on the messed-up standards of beauty we deal with. It lays bare the harsh reality of being judged and teased just for how you look, messing with your head big time.

Being a survivor of bullying, Daniel’s carrying the weight of that experience. It’s a mix of survivor’s guilt and an ongoing battle with low self-esteem. The story also flips the script, digging into the past of the bullies to uncover the roots of their issues. Heavy stuff!

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Associated Names

Lookism 483
Apari3ncias 483
Görünüşçülük 483
Дискриминация по внешности 483
Лукизм 483
ลุกคิซึม 483
外見至上主義 483
看脸时代 483

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