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From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 126 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap & Updates

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In the last chapter, things took a wild turn when Jung-min, overwhelmed by anger, impulsively stabbed Ha Joo-hyun in the chest after she confessed her love and pleaded for forgiveness. Fueled by hatred, he wanted to erase her from existence.

Reality hit hard, though, as he quickly realized the gravity of his mistake. Remorse and shame flooded in, and he desperately tried to make a phone call for help, but it was already too late.

Ha Joo-hyun’s life slipped away, and Jung-min, holding her close, felt the weight of horror at his actions. He wished desperately to undo what he’d done, questioning if it was all just a terrible dream.

Closing his eyes, he begged for a miracle. When he opened them again, he found himself in his own bed, in the familiar surroundings of his room. The relief washed over him as he believed he had just awakened from a nightmare.

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