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SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scan & Updates

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is a highly popular manhwa series that’s captured the attention of countless readers. With Chapter 101 on the horizon, fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment to see how the story unfolds. This manhwa promises an emotional rollercoaster ride, with moments of extreme kindness and heart-wrenching loss.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with the context you need to fully grasp Chapter 101 of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter, whether you’re a seasoned fan of the series or new to the story. It’s a thrilling journey that’s worth diving into!

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101 Release Date

On Nov 02, 2023, Chapter 101 of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter will come out, and fans can’t wait. Fans of the series can be sure that this new book will have the same level of exciting action and drama that they have come to expect from the other books.

Time Zone

Japan Standard Time, JST ;Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 13:00 JST

Central Standard Time, CST ;Wed, 1 Nov 2023 at 22:00 CST

Eastern Standard Time, EST ;Wed, 1 Nov 2023 at 23:00 EST

India Standard Time, IST ;Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 09:30 IST

Korea Standard Time, KST ;Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 13:00 KST

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New York, USA ;Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 00:00 EDT

Australian Eastern Standard Time, AEST;Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 14:00 AEST

Bangkok, Thailand ;Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 11:00 ICT

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101 English Raw Scan Release Date

The release date for the much-anticipated SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101 English Raw Scan is set for Oct 30, 2023. Fans of the popular manga series can’t wait to get their hands on the latest raw scans and find out what happens next in the exciting story.

What To Expect In SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101 (Spoiler)?

We witnessed an intense showdown between Kim Gong-ja and the enigmatic masked man claiming to be his father, none other than Kim Seung-ho, the former leader of the SSS-Class Hunter team, the Seven Stars.

A startling revelation unfolded as Kim Seung-ho disclosed his motive behind killing Kim Gong-ja’s mother and framing him – all in a bid to unlock his son’s true potential as a Suicide Hunter. Despite his father’s proud acknowledgment of Kim Gong-ja’s accomplishments, our protagonist remained unmoved.

The confrontation escalated, with Kim Gong-ja unleashing his full power, combining his expertise as a Sword Master, Berserker, Necromancer, and Soul Eater.

He summoned the souls of his previous victims, including slain SSS-Class Hunters, to assist him in the battle. Determined to surpass his father, Kim Gong-ja declared his intent to take the mantle of the world’s strongest SSS-Class Hunter.

However, the chapter concluded with a suspenseful twist. Kim Seung-ho revealed his own secret weapon – a black dragon that he had tamed and fused with.

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Threatening to show Kim Gong-ja the true meaning of despair, he vowed to make him regret his choices. The stage is set for an epic clash between father and son, promising more thrilling developments in the upcoming chapters.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101 English Spoiler Release Date

The highly anticipated SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101 English Spoiler is scheduled to drop on Oct 30, 2023. Webtoon enthusiasts can soon dive into the next installment, following the thrilling escapades of the Suicide Hunter and his team.

As the release date approaches, expect a buzz of conversations and excitement among fans. Keep an eye out for more updates, and mark your calendar for the English Spoiler Release Date of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101.

What Happened In SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 100 (Recap)?

While deep in conversation, Gongja confidently shared his belief in the potential for success, emphasizing his intent to intentionally increase his synchronization rate to an unprecedented level. He was certain this approach would yield positive results.

However, Jack, wearing a serious expression, interjected with a crucial revelation. He warned Gongja that such a decision would inevitably lead to failure in this particular stage, trapping him in what seemed like an endless world. Gongja appeared conflicted in response to Jack’s words.

On one hand, he longed for the chance to break free from this perplexing labyrinth. On the other, he hesitated to sacrifice his current progress, fearing it might jeopardize his escape. Jack, understanding Gongja’s dilemma, empathetically acknowledged his concerns. He couldn’t reveal the exact reasons behind his actions at that moment.

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Instead, he suggested that Gongja place implicit trust in him, assuring him that their plan could only succeed if Gongja alone held this crucial knowledge.

Where To Read SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 101?

Tapas hosts the most up-to-date version of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter, which is currently at Chapter 101. Webcomics and light novels, like SSS-Class Suicide Hunter, are wonderful to read on this platform.

This show has quickly gained popularity because of its intriguing plot and multifaceted characters. So, if you want to know what’s going on in the world, you should go to Tapas right now and read SSS-Class Suicide Hunter chapter 101.

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About SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Confucius Kim leads a rather ordinary life in the RPG dungeon world of Tower. He’s always been envious of the fame and fortune that the star hunters enjoy. But when he stumbles upon the legendary power to mimic others’ skills, he finally achieves his lifelong dream of breaking free from mediocrity, even though it comes at a great personal cost.

Regrettably, the Flame Emperor, the mightiest hunter in the Tower, takes him out before he can figure out how to wield his newfound strength. However, thanks to Confucius’s newfound ability to travel through time, triggered by his demise, he gets a chance to relive his life and carefully plan his rise to the top of the Tower.

Sure, there will be plenty of challenges along the way, but Confucius is armed with the ability to outsmart his rivals and claim his rightful spot among the elite star hunters.

Associated Names

SSS 級自殺 Hunter 101
SSS-Class Hunter That Needs to Die to Live 101
SSS-Class Hunter Who Needs to Die to Live 101
SSS-Class Suicide Hunter 101
SSS級死而復生的獵人 101
SSS级重生猎人 101
SSS급 죽어야 사는 헌터 101
شکارچی با مهارت خودکشی سطح SSS 101
นักล่าพลีชีพ ระดับ SSS 101
死して生きるSSS級ハンター 101
SSS-Class Revival Hunter 101

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