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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Spoiler, Raw Scan, Release Date & Updates

Hey there, Dragon Ball fans! If you’ve been missing the action-packed world of Goku and his crew, you’re in for a treat. Dragon Ball Super is the epic sequel to the original Dragon Ball, and it’s brought to life by the amazing Akira Toriyama himself, along with Toyotarou, who’s responsible for the stunning illustrations.

We’re diving right into Chapter 96, where things are heating up. Get ready to meet a new foe – Gas, who’s giving Granolah a run for his money. The excitement is real, folks!

Dragon Ball Super has taken the manga world by storm, and it’s no wonder why. This Japanese sensation has captured hearts worldwide and garnered heaps of praise. And the best part? You won’t have to wait forever for new chapters because they drop monthly.

So gear up for more epic battles, jaw-dropping transformations, and the kind of action that only Dragon Ball can deliver. Get ready to take the ride with Goku and the gang!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Count Down

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Count Down


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Release Date & Different Time Zone

Different CountryDifferent Time zone
Eastern European Summer Time3:30 A.M
Pacific Daylight Time9 AM
Eastern Daylight Time12 Noon
Central Daylight Time11 AM
British Summer Time5 PM
Japan Standard Time9:30 PM
Korea Standard Time9:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time8 A.M
India Standard Time11:30 P.M
Australian Eastern Time10:30 A.M
Washington DC08:30 A.M
New York, USA08:00 A.M

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Spoiler Prediction

Get ready for an action-packed rundown of the epic events in the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters!

Saganbo, fueled by Moro’s power-up, goes all-out to redeem the Galactic Bandit Brigade. He throws himself into a heated battle with Goku, pushing himself to the limit with Moro’s boosts. But Saganbo’s body eventually gives in under the strain.

Goku steps in and faces Moro using his new divine technique. Although Goku’s Ultra Instinct isn’t fully mastered, he manages to dodge Moro’s energy absorption thanks to his incredible speed. However, maintaining this level drains Goku’s stamina, forcing him to switch tactics.

Just when things seem dire, Vegeta swoops in, having acquired the unique ability he sought. Using Forced Spirit Fission, he releases the souls and strength Moro absorbed, weakening him. Vegeta even revives those Moro had taken, like the Namekians.

Moro then ups the stakes by consuming Seven-Three, boosting his power even further. He copies Vegeta’s powers and pushes Goku and his friends to their limits.

  Dragon Ball Super Chapter 98 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan& Updates

But the gods step in—Beerus and Whis lend a helping hand, and Merus joins the fray. Merus shatters Moro’s copy ability, but this divine intervention comes with a price—Merus’ own existence. His sacrifice ignites Goku to perfect Ultra Instinct.

Moro surrenders but breaks his promise, prompting a final showdown. Moro fuses with Earth, becoming a catastrophic threat. Whis advises Goku on how to defeat him—destroy the crystal on his forehead.

Goku, Vegeta, and their allies combine their energies to help Goku triumph. The Namekian Dragon Balls are used to restore the damage Moro caused, and a surprising resurrection unfolds.

And that’s not all! A new chapter introduces Granolah, a Cerealian bounty hunter who’s out for revenge against Freeza and the Saiyans.

So, fellow fans, brace yourselves for the explosive showdowns, jaw-dropping transformations, and unexpected twists that only Dragon Ball Super can deliver! Stay tuned for the next chapter, packed with action and surprises.

Dragon Ball Super Reveals Just How Much Granolah is Like the Saiyans

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Spoiler Release Date

Just a quick update on the Dragon Ball Super front: as of now, no Chapter 97 spoilers have surfaced. But fear not, because in the usual fashion, these spoilers tend to make their appearance online about three to four days prior to the official release.

Keep your eyes peeled on platforms like 4chan and Reddit, where fans often share their early findings. So, mark your calendars for the anticipated date of August 24, 2023, when we’re likely to get a sneak peek into the upcoming chapter’s exciting content! Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for the next thrilling installment!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Raw Scan Release Date

Just dropping a quick update about Dragon Ball Super: as of now, we’re still waiting for Chapter 97 Raw Scans to pop up. Usually, these raw scans start making the rounds online about three to four days ahead of the official release date.

You can often find them being shared on platforms like 4chan and Reddit among the fan community. So, mark your calendars for the potential date of August 24, 2023, when we might get a sneak peek into the upcoming chapter’s content! Stay tuned for more info and get ready for the excitement!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 Release Date, Spoiler And Where To Read Online - Breaking News in USA Today

Recap of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 95 Summary

Let’s dive into the latest happenings in Dragon Ball Super. So, we’ve got this wild scene where the Gods of Destruction go at it, but it’s so intense that even the Zen-samas can’t enjoy it. So, they call it quits on that one. Instead, we get a showdown between Goku and Toppo, who’s set to become a God of Destruction.

Guess what? Goku loses this round, and Toppo spills the beans that Jiren, from Universe 11, is the ultimate powerhouse, even overshadowing Toppo’s mentor, Belmod.

Now, onto the main event, the Tournament of Power! Brace yourselves, as it’s all about 10 warriors from each universe going toe-to-toe in a 48-minute battle royale. But here’s the catch: no weapons, no killing, and you’re out if you’re thrown off the ring. The universe with the most fighters left at the end gets a wish from the Super Dragon Balls, while the losers get erased by the Zen-samas.

  Dragon Ball Super Chapter 98 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan& Updates

Some universes are off the hook due to being “mortal-heavy,” but the rest gotta bring their A-game. We’ve got 39 hours for each universe to build their squads. Universe 11 taps into their Pride Troopers like Jiren and Dyspo. Universe 6’s Cabba ropes in the Saiyan duo Caulifla and Kale.

In Universe 7, assembling a team’s a breeze – Goku rounds up the gang with Vegeta, Gohan, and even the unexpected like Android 17. They even pull a fast one by temporarily bringing Freeza back from the dead.

The action kicks off in the World of Void, a place where flying’s a no-no. It’s like an anime royal rumble! Universe 9’s the first to bow out, thanks to Frost and Freeza’s shenanigans. As the battles rage on, Goku and Jiren get into it, but a surprise twist involving Hit throws everyone off their game.

But it’s not all smooth sailing for Universe 7. An invisible contender from Universe 4 starts knocking people out until Piccolo steps up. And then, bam, Universe 4’s tiny insect warrior tries to mess things up, but Android 17 sniffs him out.

Phew, that’s the lowdown on what’s happening in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97. Can you believe there are still 33 minutes left in this intense tournament? Stay tuned for more action-packed updates!

What can you expect from this Manga?

Let’s talk about the awesomeness that is Dragon Ball Super. I mean, who doesn’t know about this legendary franchise, right? Dragon Ball Super is like the freshest dish in the grand Dragon Ball feast. It got people hyped from the get-go and has gathered a massive fan following since its grand entrance.

So, let’s chat about the main hero, Goku. This dude’s a Saiyan who had a bit of a rough start, crash-landing on Earth as a baby. He’s taken under the wing of Old Gohan and basically grows up in the dark about the world outside. But hey, that doesn’t stop him from wanting to be the ultimate warrior!

Goku’s on this epic journey to be the strongest, but when heavy hitters start showing up, things go from fun to super intense. He’s got to push his limits like never before, all while facing enemies that make him break a sweat.

Fast forward to Dragon Ball Super, and Goku’s diving into the World of Gods – you can bet it’s not a walk in the park. This manga is like a legendary piece of art, and folks have compared it to other shonen giants like One Piece and Naruto.

  Dragon Ball Super Chapter 98 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan& Updates

So, whether you’re a lifelong fan or just diving into the universe, Dragon Ball Super is where the action, excitement, and unforgettable adventures are at!

Dragon Ball Super Manga Release Date Schedule 2023: When You Can Expect New Chapters | Attack of the Fanboy


More About Dragon Ball Super Story

Yo, Dragon Ball lovers! Let’s dive into the epic world of Dragon Ball Super – the freshest addition to the series that started way back in ’84 with the OG Dragon Ball. So, buckle up for some thrilling action and unexpected twists!

Written by the genius Akira Toriyama and brought to life by the amazing Toyotarou, this manga follows Goku and his crew as they take on life after Majin Buu’s defeat. And oh boy, do they have some wild adventures ahead!

Things kick off when Beerus, a long-dormant god, wakes up from his beauty sleep. Alongside his trainer and angel sidekick Whis, Beerus is on the hunt for a Super Saiyan God warrior, and if they don’t play nice, Earth’s toast.

Now, get this – Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and even little Pan – they all pitch in to make Goku into the Super Saiyan God while Pan’s still cooking in the oven. But even with this power-up, Goku ain’t exactly kicking Beerus’ butt. Nope, Beerus is spared, and our Earth dodges destruction.

Fast forward a bit, and we’re talking about the granddaddy of events – the Zen Exhibition Match! This is a first-of-its-kind showdown hosted by none other than Lord Zen from past and future. But hold onto your hats – if you thought it’s just friendly competition, think again! The Kings declare that the losing universes will get wiped out. Yikes!

Enter Frieza – yup, he’s back for another round with Goku, Vegeta, and the whole gang. They face off against the baddest warriors from other universes, like Jiren from Universe Eleven. And let’s not forget, Goku’s rocking a new trick up his sleeve – Ultra Instinct, a form that lets him go all-out without overthinking things.

In a heart-pounding showdown, Goku and Frieza manage to knock out Jiren, leaving Android 17 as the champ. Thanks to some Super Dragon Balls magic, the destroyed universes are restored – that’s right, they’re back in action!

But wait, there’s more! Frieza’s army is getting a little resurrection boost, and life’s back to normal for Goku and his pals. It’s a wild ride, filled with jaw-dropping battles and unforgettable moments. So, if you’re looking for action, twists, and pure Saiyan power, Dragon Ball Super’s got you covered!

Associated Names

7 Viên Ngọc Rồng 97
Bola de drac 97
Bola de dragón 97
Bola Naga 97
Bảy Viên Ngọc Rồng 97
DBZ 97
Doragon Booru 97
Dragoi Bola 97
Dragon Ball Z 97
Dragonball 97
Drakonų kovos 97
Mutiara Naga 97
Pila draconis 97
Sferat e Dragoit 97
Viên Ngọc Thần Kỳ 97
Zmajeva kugla 97
Жемчуг дракона 97
Змејска топка 97
Վիշապի մարգարիտ 97
דראַגאָן באָל 97
דרגון בול 97
دراجون بول 97
دراغون بول 97
دراگون بال 97
دراگۆن بۆڵ 97
دراݣون بول 97
ڈریگن گیند 97
ड्रैगन बॉल 97
ড্রাগন বল 97
ਡਰੈਗਨ ਬਾਲ 97
డ్రాగన్ బాల్ 97
ಡ್ರಾಗನ್ ಬಾಲ್ 97
ഡ്രാഗൺ ബോൾ 97
ดราก้อนบอล 97
ዘንዶኳስ 97
ドラゴンボール 97
七龍珠 97
七龙珠 97
龍珠 (Cantonese) 97
드래곤 볼 신장판 97
드래곤볼 97


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