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From Dreams to Freedom Chapter 120 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap & Updates

Yo, so there’s this dope webtoon called “From Dreams to Freedom” by the Korean artist Lee Sang-woo. It’s, like, a thriller, you know? The main character, Choi Jung-min, is this kid who’s getting bullied, but he escapes the crap in his life by lucid dreaming. In his dreams, he gets back at his tormentor, Ha Joo-hyun. But, bro, things start getting crazy when his dreams start messing with his real life, and he uncovers some dark secret tied to his dream powers.

This webtoon’s been running on LINE Webtoon since April 2018, and it’s got a solid fanbase. People are hooked ’cause of the intense story, relatable characters, and the sick art. Right now, it’s rocking its third season, and fans are hyped up, waiting for the next chapter to drop and see what’s gonna happen to Jung-min and his crew.

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