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Payback Chapter 72 Spoiler, Release Date, Raw Scan & Updates

Hey there, all you Manhwa enthusiasts! The online world is buzzing with excitement over the captivating Korean series called “Payback.” Its engaging stories and lovable characters have truly taken the internet by storm.

And speaking of storms, if you’re a fan of the Payback Manhwa series, you’re in for a treat! This blog post is tailor-made just for you. With Chapter 72 of this fantastic fantasy series on the horizon, the anticipation is real.

We’ve got you covered with all the essential details about Payback Chapter 72 right here in this blog post. From Reddit spoilers to raw scans, publication dates, and even a countdown to the chapter’s release – it’s all here. So, if you’re a dedicated Payback fan or just want to stay in the loop, make sure to bookmark our website and stay connected!

Payback Chapter 72 Countdown

Payback Chapter 72 Countdown


Payback Chapter 72 Release Date

Get ready, fellow Manhwa enthusiasts! The countdown is on for the thrilling release of Payback Chapter 72 on September 5, 2023, at 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. This exciting news has sent waves of excitement across the globe among fans of the series.

The word is out about the release date for chapter 72 of this beloved manhwa series, and fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats. Brace yourselves for what’s about to unfold, as Payback Chapter 72 is undoubtedly going to be one of the hottest topics in the world of manhwa this year. Get hyped for an epic chapter that’s sure to leave us all buzzing with anticipation!

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Different Country & Time Zone of Payback Chapter 72

Different CountryDifferent Time zone
Eastern European Time3:30 A.M
Pacific Daylight Time9 AM
Eastern Daylight Time12 Noon
Central Daylight Time11 AM
British Summer Time5 PM
Japan Standard Time9:30 PM
Korea Standard Time9:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time8 A.M
India Standard Time11:30 P.M
Australian Eastern Time10:30 A.M
Washington DC08:30 A.M
New York, USA08:00 A.M

What To Expect In Payback Chapter 72 Spoiler


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Payback Chapter 72 English Spoiler Release Date

Exciting news for all you Payback fans out there! The latest scoop is that Chapter 72’s English spoiler has just hit the scene on September 2, 2023 – that’s a whole 3-4 days ahead of the official release date. The fandom is already buzzing with enthusiasm as everyone eagerly anticipates the full chapter drop.

With the series gaining global recognition, fans are on the edge of their seats, wondering what twists and turns await our beloved characters. The hype is real, and the anticipation is off the charts as we all count down to the next chapter’s release. Get ready for some serious thrills and surprises, because Payback’s got us hooked and hanging on every page

What Happened In Payback Chapter 71?

Hold onto your seats, because Payback Chapter 71 is here to deliver another thrilling episode in this captivating story. This chapter takes us deeper into the characters’ emotions and motivations, giving us a closer look at what makes them tick.

Our protagonist faces tough challenges that put their resolve to the test and force them into making tough decisions. The vivid descriptions and detailed imagery make it feel like you’re right there, witnessing the action unfold before your eyes.

But that’s not all – Payback Chapter 71 is also loaded with surprises and shocking revelations that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The twists just keep on coming, keeping readers hooked and hungry for more answers.

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Payback Manhwa (SAMK & Fujoking) | Manhwa, Manhwa manga, Anime

As the chapter wraps up, loose ends are tied up, giving a sense of closure while paving the way for future conflicts and developments. It’s clear that there’s more in store for these characters, and readers can expect unresolved plot points to be addressed in the upcoming chapters.

In a nutshell, Payback Chapter 71 is a roller-coaster of action and emotion that will leave you wanting more. So get ready for an intense ride, because this manhwa isn’t holding back!

Where To Read Payback Chapter 72?

For all you Payback Manhwa fans out there, if you’re itching to dive into Chapter 72, you might be wondering where to find it. Look no further! Here are some websites where you can get your dose of this exciting manhwa.

One top-notch choice is Bomtoon, a digital platform that lets you access the latest Korean manhwa chapters for free. It’s a go-to destination for fans like you who are eager to stay up-to-date with their favorite series.

To read Payback Chapter 72, simply head over to. Navigate to their website and type in the name of the manhwa series. Before you know it, you’ll be immersed in the unfolding story. Get ready for the next gripping chapter – who knows what twists and turns await? Happy reading!

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Payback Chapter 72 English Raw Scan Release Date

If you’re into the Payback Manhwa series, here’s a tidbit of exciting news. The latest buzz is all about the English Raw Scan release of Chapter 72, which hit the scene on September 2, 2023 – that’s a cool 3-4 days before the official release date. Talk about getting a sneak peek into the action-packed world of Payback!

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The fan community is already buzzing with anticipation as they gear up for the full chapter release. And who can blame them? With the series gaining popularity worldwide, fans are totally invested in the twists and turns that lie ahead. The suspense is real as they eagerly await the upcoming chapter to uncover what’s in store for their favorite characters.

The wait is on, and fans are counting down the days until they can dive back into the gripping story. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as the Payback journey continues to captivate readers around the globe!

. ⇢𝐉𝐚𝐲 ˎˊ˗ ꒰ | Manhwa, Trai đẹp

About Payback

While his peers were preparing for the CSAT, Lee Yoonhan found himself caught in a whirlwind of a different kind. Instead of textbooks and exams, his life took a turn into the world of crime and darkness.

Working for a loan shark, Yoonhan’s choices eventually caught up with him when a tragic event struck his family as a result of the retaliation he faced. The consequences of his actions came crashing down, leaving him to grapple with the loss of a loved one.

Yuhan’s life took a misguided path, with him stepping into the realm of lending firms while his peers aimed for higher education. Blackmailing, coercion, and theft became his tactics to extract money from others. But fate had other plans, and a vendetta against him led to a devastating loss that shattered his family.

Haunted by guilt and regret, Yuhan embraced a relentless life, driven by a desire to atone for the choices that had caused such irreversible harm. In the midst of this turmoil, he sought redemption and solace, navigating a treacherous journey to mend the broken pieces of his life.

Last Thought

In the end, Payback Chapter 72 has us hooked and ready for more. The ride so far has been thrilling, even if we’re still in the dark about where the story is going.

We’re all looking forward to the twists and turns that the next chapters will bring, and we can’t wait to see how the characters’ journeys unfold. Here’s to hoping for even more excitement and enjoyment in the upcoming parts!

Associated Names

Payback: No Pay No Work 72
페이백 (승연) 72

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