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Sister I Am The Queen In This Life Chapter 83 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date & Updates

Yo, check out the lowdown on Chapter 82 of Sister I Am The Queen In This Life! After Ariadne faces off with her sis Irene, some serious drama goes down.

Turns out, Irene tried to pull a sneaky move and poison Ariadne. But Ariadne’s no fool – she knew what was up and switched the cups before taking a sip.

Now, Ariadne’s ready to spill the tea to the king and the whole court about Irene’s true colors. She’s pointing fingers, accusing Irene of trying to off the prince and all.

But Irene ain’t going down without a fight. She’ll try to call Ariadne a liar, but Ariadne’s got receipts. She’s got evidence and witnesses to back up every claim she’s making.

And get this: turns out Irene’s not even blood-related to Ariadne. She’s just some maid’s kid they adopted. So, Ariadne’s gonna make sure Irene loses all her fancy status and privileges. She’s not letting her get away with this mess.

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